Dorian Tucker - Abe Deleon - April Ellefsen - David Lien

Friends, enemies and the non-biased, welcome!
You are invited to explore this cyber extension of the Recordable Colors’s left arm. You
should find plenty of material here to stimulate, agitate or lull you into a self satisfying state
of oblivion. Of course we’re not completely optimized for total sensory domination but we’ve committed to the task and that is the first step.

Second step. We’ve promised ourselves to continue this diligence until we have achieved our
goal of a full attention take-over. This is the early stage and we don’t want to ask for too much too soon, that would be rude. After all we’re just getting familiar with one-another. But, we
would like to ask you to begin to relieve yourself of excess tension, to uncurl your toes if your footwear permits and let a liberating sense of ease come over you. We are one here. We love and hate the same things and each other at the same time. There are only human animals
here. No tricks, except the obvious ones. You are freely confined as we are, relax and enjoy.

At this point you should feel more at ease, starting at the shoulders and working it’s way down. And hopefully the sense is coming over you, you are home.